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In 2016, Bowler Crab began touring shortened versions of their past productions to schools, private parties and corporate events in the form of 'pocket productions'.


The 'pocket production's of Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream (BC's debuts in 2013) performed for the first time publicly at The Mermaid to sold out houses in 2017. This winter BC will be bringing their third project to The Mermaid: Othello, a full-length performance.

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The Mermaid Inn

Mermaid Street,


TN31 7EY

The Mermaid Inn is a truly unique historic building that has stood in Rye for over 600 years!  It offers a step back in time, with modern day comforts in a traditional style, friendly service, fine food, wine, local Ales and a selection of more than 90 whiskies.


In 2017, BC formed a relationship with The Mermaid Inn as a performance venue, following the discovery that suggests Shakespeare's company, The Chamberlain's Men, visited The Mermaid in 1597.


This revelation even made BBC News:


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