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Macbeth was Bowler Crab's debut production back in 2013 and now by popular demand, we bring you a short 'pocket production' of the play available for private hire.


The piece combines a talk about Shakespeare's famous tragedy with performances of extracts from the play to encourage audiences to discuss how the text can be interpreted in different ways.


Director and founder of Bowler Crab,

Stephen John, plays Macbeth along with core member of the company, Eleanor Stourton, as Lady Macbeth.


Concentrating on the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, these two actors perform key scenes from the play with a variety of interpretations. The goal of the performance is to illustrate the versatility of Shakespeare and demonstrate how a text can be processed in different ways for varying entertainment effects.



This version of the piece concentrates on how GCSE and A-level students should tackle their exams on Macbeth. The session combines short performances of extracts from Macbeth with explanation on plot, themes, characterisation and historical context. This piece explores the characters' personalities, motivations and varying functions in the play more in depth, with plenty of examples of how students can compose this information in essay form.


The presentation is 60 - 90 minutes long (depending on time preference) with over 30 minutes of the presentation being raw acting material presented in differing ways to help the students learn how to answer questions in their exam using the text. Communication is also a key part of the performance with discussion topics posed to the students to encourage opinions and analysis interactively, a Q&A session also included as standard.


The presentation was created due to popular demand when a local teacher first enquired about hiring us for a talk on the play, since then we have performed the piece at several schools in East Sussex and Kent.



With more focus put upon the performance itself rather than the discussion and with more scenes explored, this theatrical version of the piece presents a feast of entertainment. Interjections are kept short between each scene in order to make way for more action and more of the play in performance with a grittier more adult directorial style.


The running time of the performance is 60 minutes with an option to have a Q&A session at the end for audience members to ask about topics such as the actors' opinions on the characters, the direction, the actors' experiences in previous Macbeth performances, about Shakespeare, about the historical context in which Macbeth was written and about Bowler Crab as a production company.


Part general entertainment by professional actors and part open discussion with Shakespearean experts, this project, once exclusively for festivals and school performances, is now also touring private venues for the first time by popular demand.


Performance as a dining experience is also an option.


Dependent on the booking, the piece can be performed in two forms:



In April 2017, we performed the theatrical version of the project to a full house at The Mermaid Inn in Rye and received incredibly favourable feedback. More public performances of Macbeth are to be announced later this year as are more performance projects of similar design at The Mermaid Inn.


As part of the Rye Arts Festival, come and dine in a world of magic, music and mayhem as Bowler Crab, bring you: "A Midsummer Night's Dream Dining".


Find yourself among tricksome fairies, enchanted lovers and ass-headed 'rude mechanicals' as Shakespeare's magical romantic comedy is performed in beautiful rhyming verse as a dining experience this September in The Tudor Room at The Mermaid Inn!


Tickets £40 per person (to include 3-course supper).


In 2016, Bowler Crab began touring shorterend versions of their past productions to schools, private parties and corperate events in the form of 'pocket productions'. In 2017, BC formed a relationship with The Mermaid Inn following the discovery that suggests Shakespeare's company, The Chamberlain's Men, visited The Mermaid in 1597. This news even made BBC News:




The 'pocket production's of Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream (BC's debutes in 2013) performed at The Mermaid to sold out houses and now our next full be bringing our full production of Othello to The Mermaid Inn for performances on 8th & 9th of November (details overleaf).


Today's presentation has been developed into one of our new range of 'pocket productions' and is available for hire for events, schools, weddings and dining experiences. Having sold out a month before the performance, it is likely we will be returning to perform A Midsummer Night's Dream at The Mermaid in the near future and we look forward to bringing not just Othello but many many more Shakespeare productions!


This revealtion even made BBC news:


To enquire about pricing, availability and booking please contact us here:

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Photography: Carey Poole (at The Mermaid Inn, Rye)